Here are some of the artists who have exhibited, presented or performed
with MelbourneEast Arts in recent years.

Pip Menses

Pip has been on a cultural journey firstly working as an archaeologist in indigenous cultures for Australia, New Guinea and Bahrain. She then broadened into Australian historic heritage running the National Trusts of SA and then Qld. Her broad understanding of the significance of art and history saw her appointed to the Inaugural Moveable Cultural Heritage Committee and the Australian Heritage Commission. These experiences developed her interest in fine art. Whilst raising her children Pip decided to revisit her passion for painting and sculpture. Her move to Swan Street Studios has resulted in requests for exhibitions at Art at St. Francis (2012), Edges Gallery and the Holy Trinity Arts Festival (2013 ) and "Domestic Blitz" at Kinross Gallery Toorak in June 2014. She is also represented on the Art Nomad website.

Alma Quartet

Alma – soul … sound post … By choosing their own name, the Alma Quartet reflected their commitment to fulfilling the composer's deepest intentions. In achieving this goal the quartet has been mentored by the Amadeus Quartet, Thomas Kakuska (Alban Berg Quartet), Walter Levin (LaSalle Quartett), Andras Keller, Emile Cantor (Orpheus Quartet) and Eberhardt Feltz. Founded in 1999, the quartet has played extensively in Germany and Europe including the Tonhalle Düsseldorf and Orchesterzentrum Dortmund in year 2010. Among the wide range of compositions performed by the quartet, Haydn and Beethoven constitute their core repertoire. Their first CD with works by these two composers was released in 2005. The Alma Quartet is presently occupied with the realization of an ambitious project: the performance of the complete Beethoven String Quartet Cycle.

Anna Prifti

Anna Prifti began her training with a BA at the Fine Art Academy, Tirana, Albania in 1987 and extended her iconography studies and practice in Greece. In 2000 Anna adopted Melbourne as her home. Her iconography and mural paintings are part of many churches and public buildings in Europe, USA and Australia. She has been exhibiting for more than 25 years with 15 solo shows and numerous group shows. In Melbourne, Anna runs her Iconography School. For more information visit

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